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You ever wondered what WWE would be like as an Arthurian fantasy? A superhero adventure tale? A romantic comedy? At the Weird of Sport, join J Onwuka and guests as we talk about all the out-there directions that pro wrestling could go.
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Nov 20, 2016

This time, J (@thenearzone) and Jeff (@EminentProf) go back onto the deep end and talk about pro wrestling as it is, not as it could (or should) be. WWE's storytelling is the hot topic today, and the basic question is: 'Why?' Why does WWE bury talents that it should be building up? Why does WWE make us sit through hour-long promos to get to five minute matches? And why, if WWE does everything that a wrestling show absolutely shouldn't do, is WWE still so successful? We do our best to dig into this, but it's complicated! It's gonna take more than one episode to un-weird the behemoth that comes from Stamford CT.

Oct 20, 2016

People keep comparing WWE to the election, or is it the election to WWE? I don't know anymore this world we live in is wacky!!!!!! If you prefer to bury your head in the sand for an hour rather than deal with more of this horrible parade of villains, please give this episode of Weird of Sport a listen! Jeff (@EminentProf) and J Onwuka make lots of jokes about Hillary scandals and Trump lies and at the end of it, the only thing that changes hands is a pro wrestling title belt, instead of the future of the human civilization. Laugh so you don't cry!

Sep 22, 2016

On this Weird of Sport episode, J is joined by Jeff (@EminentProf) to talk about making wrestlers into gunslingers... or slam-slingers, anyway. Dean Ambrose gets cast as Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name, Vince is back to run rustlers off of his show SmackDown/WhipLash, and Daniel Bryan is a dopey deputy. Come set a spell, have some laughs, and learn somethin dang nabbit!

Aug 31, 2016

J is joined by Jeff (@EminentProf) for a wild talk about taking WWE into the far future! Star Wars Trek, Babylon 30, the Fish Element, it's all on the table here. Who will Shinsuke Nakamura debut against at WrestleMania 3000? If you wanted to hear about how pro wrestling could be more like a laser-blasting space opera, you're in luck!