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Weird of Sport

Sep 18, 2017

Fantasy grapple fans rejoice as Jeff the Professor (@EminentProf) and J Onwuka (@thenearzone) get back on track with the wrestling conversion of the Lord of the Rings film series. As noted in the previous episode, these two chronic ramblers do their best to focus a little and end up having an interesting...


Sep 10, 2017

Hey folks, just a quick update here. The episodes have all been renumbered so that the regular and un-Weird episodes are all part of the same continuity. Just gonna make it easier to keep things straight going forward!

Plus, the podcast will be coming soon to your podcatchers so keep an eye out!

Sep 8, 2017

Hello genre-mix fans, Obi J (@thenearzone) and Jeff the Professor (@EminentProf) are back again with another atypical episode of this atypical podcast. The Return of the King material is pushed back to next time but there is a cast rundown at the end of the episode, just to prep for the real Return. Why's the...