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You ever wondered what WWE would be like as an Arthurian fantasy? A superhero adventure tale? A romantic comedy? At the Weird of Sport, join J Onwuka and guests as we talk about all the out-there directions that pro wrestling could go.
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Jun 27, 2017

On the second LotR/WWE mashup podcast episode, J (@thenearzone on twitter) and Jeff (@EminentProf) get into the second movie of the trilogy: The Two Towers! Spoilers abound, so go listen to episode one first! You good now? You all caught up? Fantastic! This time, we've got battles in Isengard, our hobbits/Fashion Police get caught by some orcs, and Sami Zayn gets ever closer to Mordor. Heckkkkk this one gets crazy! And long! Check it out!

Jun 27, 2017

Join J Onwuka (on twitter @thenearzone) and Jeff the Professor (@EminentProf) as they take a trip into Middle Earth with the hobbitses and the wizards and the elves, mashing up Lord of the Rings with WWE. This episode covers movie one of the trilogy, the Fellowship of the Ring, and all of the marquee matches are in there! Who gets cast as the Balrog? Tune in to find out!

Mar 26, 2017

So you might say that we are just ripping off of Kaiju Big Battel with this and you might be right, but is WWE baby! Kaiju Big Battel never had Brock Lesnar as a mecha godzilla monster! We split WWE up into the "monsters division" and then the "regular people" division, and there are nods to Power Rangers & forming up magical beasts and all kinds of craziness. And the requisite chat about WrestleMania coming up. Your one stop shop for weird wrestling talk right here, with J Onwuka (@thenearzone) and Jeff the Professor (@EminentProf)!

This episode might be a little quiet and might have a lot of static, so be prepared for the rollercoaster!

Mar 3, 2017

In this second un-Weird of Sport episode, J Onwuka (@thenearzone) & Jeff the Professor (@EminentProf) chat about why singles matches are so prevalent and why WWE puts so much emphasis on them. J's answer? Soap opera.

Feb 1, 2017

We've been gone too long! Two ramblin dudes J Onwuka (@thenearzone) and Jeff B (@EminentProf) are back again ramblin about pro wrestling and a new genre: film noir! Shady scenes, shady characters, shade-throwing, if you're a fan of gumshoes, the mafia, and femme fatales we've got em for you this time! WWE meets Chinatown, L.A. Confidential, The Big Sleep, and so on. Put your flatcap on, check that no strange cars are in the driveway, and laugh along with us.

Nov 20, 2016

This time, J (@thenearzone) and Jeff (@EminentProf) go back onto the deep end and talk about pro wrestling as it is, not as it could (or should) be. WWE's storytelling is the hot topic today, and the basic question is: 'Why?' Why does WWE bury talents that it should be building up? Why does WWE make us sit through hour-long promos to get to five minute matches? And why, if WWE does everything that a wrestling show absolutely shouldn't do, is WWE still so successful? We do our best to dig into this, but it's complicated! It's gonna take more than one episode to un-weird the behemoth that comes from Stamford CT.